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When the OS components are customized by customer, we may not offer support for troubles that occur only in the customized environment and are not replicated on Windows XP Professional.* Contents of system requirements such as supported OS and hard disk capacity are subject to change without notice due to the end of OS support and product improvements by Trend Micro. * TMPS2 does not have the real-time scanning function.

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Periodic downloading is also available by setting up scheduled updates. 1 Updating the malware pattern file Updated date and time, scanning configurations, and log synchronization date and time can be checked for each scanning tool registered to the management computer. 3 Configuration of scanning target folder, and action setting at detection Scan logs can be viewed and managed by sending the scan logs of each location to the management computer from the scanning tool. 5 Log display When scanning a PC with TMSL installed with the scanning tool, the event log of TMSL can be viewed along with the scan log by automatically collecting the event log and sending it to the management computer. 6 Collaboration with TMSL Scans for malware of scanning target terminals with the tool shaped like a USB flash drive. Connect the scanning tool to a target terminal to scan for malware and obtain the scan log. 7 Scanning The LED equipped on the scanning tool notifies of the scan status and result with three stages (blue: not detected; yellow: detected and cleaned; red: detected and waiting for operator’s action; LED blinks when scanning). 8 Scanning tool LED indication list When the management computer is being used, downloads the latest malware pattern file from the registered management computer; otherwise, downloads directly from the Trend Micro server. 9 Updating the malware pattern file With USB boot scanning, a target terminal can be booted with the scanning tool to scan for malware. USB boot scanning Protect the scanning tool so that the Trend Micro Portable Security 2 itself is not infected with malware.* A log is created on the local hard disk of the scanning target computer at USB boot scanning. However, it is not supported if it does not support booting from USB devices, uses EFI/UEFI, has a RAID environment, the HDD is initialized with GPT instead of MBR, or the HDD is connected via SCSI, etc.By implementing Trend Micro Portable Security™, efficient malware check for off-line systems not connected to the Internet can be achieved.(A log is created on the local hard disk of the target terminal at USB boot scanning) *2 TMPS2 checks for malware with the latest pattern files at the time of updating by the management computer/scanning tool.* TMPS2 does not scan for malware on management computers.

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