Updating wiikey firmware

D2C chips are undetectable as they don't actually inject code/modify anything where as the Wii Key does.

If you need any help on seeing what version you have/deciding on one of the many chips, just give me a whim.

Depends how many hours/dvd's you have to waste : P Google "wiikey 1.9s afterdawn" and you should get the Afterdawn forums thread all about the update, which includes links to the padded files, saves you having to chop them yourself.

FYI, I used the direct download off the official site, burnt to DVD and it worked flawlessly, as well as the config disc.

I didn't chop or anything, just burnt the ISO with IMGburn to DVD.

I'd also think DVD playback would stress your laser immensely as the Wii wasn't made with constant reading of discs in mind.

We reset it several times and then just as we were about to eject it recognised it.

Does this kind of thing happen every once in a while, or is it a sign that my Wii's dying?

Kids are finally out of my hair now about SMG ;) The filechop program was bundled with the v1.2 and v1.3 config files. However, I just burt the files to DVD-R using Img Burn and they booted up fine without padding. Super Mario Galaxy had code in it that found the Wii Key and stopped the game from running but the Wii Key team sorted that out with a patch.

If you are thinking of modding, unless you have an old Wii, chances are you will have a D2C console.

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