Updating windows 98 without an internet connection

The BIOS version is often the first thing displayed when the PC is turned on.After writing down the revision number, visit the Web site of the PC manufacturer to see if there is a more current version.NT still lacks PC Card and power-saving support for portable computers.As with every successive Windows OS, there are improvements over previous Microsoft OSes. But not all of the enhancements will help out government users; some are merely entertainment and game perks.But like OSes before it, it will likely slip into oblivion.On many new desktop PCs, buyers can opt for the more stable and powerful—but less friendly— Windows NT Workstation 4.0.

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Check the Web for any updated versions before beginning the upgrade.

Now, to help you out if Win98 is coming to your PC, the GCN Lab gives you 98 tips you need to know about the new Microsoft OS. If you’re buying a new computer with Win98 installed, skip to Tip 34, where we begin with guidance about using the OS.

Tip 1: If a PC is working just fine under Win95 without crashing and if that PC can support upcoming Windows NT 5.0, don’t upgrade.

Tip 7: Check to verify that your PC components meet Win98’s minimum requirements: 66-MHz 486 or faster processor, at least 16M of RAM and at least 200M of free hard drive space.

Our minimum recommendations are a bit more robust: 166-MHz Pentium or faster, 32M memory and a 1.5G hard drive with 300M free.

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