Validating database query results

For example, if a foreign key is supposed to perform an action when you delete a record from a table, you can delete the record using an API.

I was just wondering if you can in general tell us which will be a better option to go for: DATABASE Testing or AUTOMATION testing. What if the tested does not know the DB at all of a project and mostly on same project working on UI side?This is great article and very concise and straightforward information. If for example say it is a data transformation and data conversion project then it would be very important to validate the business rules as well as data integrity before and after the application of the business rule logic.If it is a data load project from one database to another then the mapping between the different columns in the source and target databases need to be validated.These are also tested during: Checking the default value for a certain field is quite simple. You can do it manually or you can use tools like QTP.Manually, you can perform an action that will add a value other than the default value of the field from the front end and see if it results in an error.

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