Validating your website a liquidating dividend occurs

First and foremost, they care about you, so even the bluntest of best friends and significant others will temper their feedback so as to not offend you if they actually think your idea is rubbish.There’s also a chance that if they don’t actually understand your idea or concept that they may try to hide this to avoid appearing dumb.Subscribe on i Tunes When inspiration strikes and you come up with an idea for a membership website or some other product or service that you’re convinced is a winner, all too often it’s easy to get carried away in trying to make it a reality without every stopping to really examine whether your idea is actually as solid as you’re convinced it is.

Then it’s simply a case of pushing traffic to your landing page – either organically by promoting it on social media or to an existing email list – or by using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.Validating your developer's skills will take you only a few minutes and can save a lot of money. The first one is obvious - it's the graphic design & layout. This is the basic factor for deciding to work with a web developer, although it's far from being the fundamental one.A website is considered successful if it has a lot of visitors.The main thing we’re looking to validate is that there are people out there who will be interested in what you have to say and what knowledge you have to impart on a particular subject.The actual specifics aren’t important yet – it doesn’t matter at this stage whether you’re thinking of a full blown membership site, ebook or video course; if your basic idea sucks, the “delivery method” won’t make a difference.

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