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i have taken a masked text box for entering dob however i need to validate it..suppose if a user enters a date more than the current date it should give an error. bear with my guys i am very new at & also as a programer.:) 1. BECAUSE OF UR RESPONSES I AM LEARNING EACH DAY SOMETHING NEW :) THANKS A LOT cya Rohan Dim DD As String Dim MM As String Dim YYYY As String Dim New Dob As String ' Make a new date (as a string), use CDate(New Dob) to cast string to date (if dd/mm/yyyy is a valid date format in this locale) DD = dob. i tried using system.datetime fun however i get error as it is a part of system and hence cannot be used as expression... Ya..code is working however, the format is mm/dd/yyyy format . Secondly when i user enters date say mm/dd/yyyy format n then leaves the text box he should get a prompt as : You have entered Date : dd (as entered by user) Month: mm '' ----'' Year : yyyy "------" 2. Here when i enter id of the student i get his batch and also his name etc... I want attendance to be marked for this ID only once..i mean at present the user can mark attendance(present/abs) as many times as he wishes...thats not right... date n ID attendance should be markd only once how can this be done ?? In this article, we discussed discuss how to create a Masked Text Box control in Windows Forms at design-time as well as run-time.After that, we saw how to use various properties and methods.Font property represents the font of text of a Masked Text Box control.If you click on the Font property in Properties window, you will see Font name, size and other font options.

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To String New Dob = DD & "/" & MM & "/" & YYYYPrivate Sub Masked Text Box1_Lost Focus(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Lost Focus Dim DD As String Dim MM As String Dim YYYY As String Dim dob As Date If Date. The Masked Text Box uses the Masked Text Provider mask syntax. Allow Prompt As Input Property determines whether Prompt Char can be entered as valid data by the user. If you do not know what ASCII is, please visit this link. Beep On Error Property raises the system beep for each key stroke that it rejects. Cut Copy Mask Format Property determines if literals and prompt characters are copied to the Clipboard. Hide Prompt On Leave Property indicates whether the prompt characters in the input mask are hidden when the Masked Text Box loses focus. Insert Key Mode Property controls the character insertion behavior of a Masked Text Box control.The mask is used to distinguish between proper and improper user input. The Insert Key Mode state is defined by the Insert Key Mode enumeration. Mask Property gets or sets the input mask to use at run time. As stated earlier: The masking language used by a Masked Text Box control is defined by a Masked Text Provider, which I will cover in detail later. Mask Completed Property determines if all required inputs have been entered. Mask Full Property determines whether all required and optional inputs have been entered. Prompt Char Property sets the character that will be displayed in the Masked Text Box for any mask position that was not filled in. Reject Input On First Failure Property indicates if the parsing of user input should stop after the first invalid character is reached. Reset On Space Property determines how a space input character should be handled: The Masked Text Box.Once a Masked Text Box is on the Form, you can move it around and resize it using mouse and set its properties and events. The easiest way to set properties is from the Properties Window.Once a Masked Text Box control is ready with its properties, next step is to add the Masked Text Box control to the Form. You can open Properties window by pressing F4 or right click on a control and select Properties menu item. The Location property takes a Point that specifies the starting position of the Masked Text Box on a Form.

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