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I’m beyond frustrated with RAC and when you ask them for a corporate number then try and give you a managers number . Reply I rented a Portable Air Conditioner and the girl at the store wasn’t even sure how to put the vent hose on which was new in the box.

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Question 1: What is the phone number for Rent-A-Center? When I first told the gentleman I was dealing with, I believe he is the store manager, an obese white man, I wanted a 4k TV, and I saw the 20.17 deal, he got huffy about it and rolled his eyes.

Answer 1: The phone number for Rent-A-Center is (972) 801-1100. I asked him was that a problem and he responded by saying “They advertise that and people come in, get games and tv’s to entertain their holiday guest with, and the first of the year, we get the stuff back and it’s damaged or tore up.

I have NEVER had roaches and I have been in this house over a year now. At this point, I am becoming very frustrated with this company and I am getting to the point I want them to just pick up. My girls ran to the kitchen to get the house phone to call 911, and this fool saw them and ran to the back door and started banging on that door.

So, I specifally gave the gentlemen my pay cycle and told him because of my work schedule can he please set it up so my payments aren’t due until a few days after pay day. But I made the payment over the phone, and even discussed with the store manager himself and asked him to let’s make the payment to carry me to the 15th of Feb. My daughter and her friend were home alone and the driver that came by the house was pounding on the door and then started looking through my Windows. Then he went back to the front porch and started staring through and banging on the window again, clearly seeing these 2 girls are pure terrified.

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