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What follows is a celebrity status Marsha never dreamed of, as she is picked up by a bigtime talent manager who helps Marsha develop her own online show, and negotiates mega-sponsorship deals.

"However, I brought a lot of my younger self into the role, when I was in my early twenties." Meanwhile, Marsha moves from her working-class neighborhood to swanky digs in Manhattan."From very little to a lot." Lam does a great job of weaving the online world with the real world, with Gotham looming in the backdrop, to tell a cautionary tale."We really wanted New York City to be in the background," he explained. She needed to be in the right place to show larger, material things." Viral Beauty, although not delving into an entirely new subject, reminds us of how society builds people up with very little talent, or none at all, into instant stars, just to tear them down even quicker, rendering them into helpless heaps of their former selves.That’s when Corey’s mom did something that changed everything.“One day my mom told me to come watch something online,” the video says."It was a documentary about a girl named Jazz Jennings. I said to my mom, ‘OMG, I’m just like her, I AM a girl!!

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