Who is courtney force dating

As his season kicks off, Rahal said the biggest challenge continues to be the time he and his wife spend apart.

However, during the season he still makes sure to watch his wife race as often as he can.“I would say the biggest thing is, it requires a tremendous amount of time on the road.

Racing might be what brought them together, but ultimately it’s what also keeps them apart—usually by a distance of several hundred miles.

A proud Midwesterner and Ohio native, Rahal, 25, resides in Carmel, Ind., while Force, 26, has a home within just a few miles of her parents and two of her sisters in California.“John doesn’t like his girls being more than 3 feet away from him at any given time,” Rahal jokes.“It’s true,” Force says. I can’t remember the last time we had an off-weekend in Indy or California.”When they are together, it’s often work-related and there are almost always other people around.

So I took that as he’d never seen it and thought that was kind of nice,” she says.

Months later, the topic came up again.“I saw it; I said I never had the magazine,” he admits.

He’s handsome, drives an Indy car for a living and is the son of three-time CART champion and 1986 Indianapolis 500 winner Bobby Rahal.

Offensive it is not -- unless you’re Courtney Force, who is, in fact, his girlfriend.

“I was working really hard in the gym to keep up in a male-dominated sport—there’s me and one other female in Funny Car, that’s it.

Shortly after the interview, Force began receiving pictures on Twitter with screenshots of the broadcast, which omitted her own profession.

Outside racing, it would be like calling Angelina Jolie just “Brad Pitt’s wife.”“I was really bitter about it because do you know how hard I work to try to keep my name separate from not being John Force’s daughter my whole life?

They have the usual trials and tribulations of any long-distance relationship but also some that are unique to a certain level of celebrity.

For example, Rahal must accept the fact that millions of people have seen his girlfriend … Shortly before they started dating last year, Force appeared inside and on the cover of ESPN The Magazine’s “The Body Issue.”“When we met, he told me that he never had a copy.

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