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He does not like black women at all, he's very cold and fake towards them, yet warm and friendly to those women who are not black..around him several times and noticed the way he treats the sistahs...it's very obvious....should be ashamed needs to be exploited.Damian Marley was born on July 21, 1978, in Kingston, Jamaica to reggae legend Bob Marley and 1976 Miss World, Cindy Breakspeare.Damian was born to Bob after he married the 1976 miss world; Cindy Breakspeare.Unfortunately, just after two years of Damian’s birth; Bob Marley passed away.

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While the band had some success in Jamaica, Marley eventually decided to strike out on his own.Another testament to its universality was its success on the Billboard Top 200 album, reaching as high as the number 7 spot.The title track earned Damian another Grammy Award - this time for Best Urban/Alternative Performance.Although he has never spoken openly about his wife or girlfriend, people even considered the possibility of him being sexually gay.But that doesn’t add up the fact that he has got a son named Elijah.

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