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Thus, Late Show with David Letterman quickly became the official title.

After Letterman was introduced on Late Shows very first episode, NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw accompanied him on stage and wished him "reasonably well".

Announcer Bill Wendell retired in 1995, with Alan Kalter taking his place.

At times Late Show even came in third in its time slot (behind Nightline, most recently in November 2008), once prompting Letterman to arrange for a Manhattan billboard proudly declaring himself and his show to be No.

The scandal involving David Letterman and female staff members hurt his –formerly a production manager and colleague in show business wife –Regina, even though the affairs took place before David and Regina were married.

Regina’s racing fan hubby took it hard and was terribly sorry, he publicly talked about it Because you think an explosion has taken place and you’re looking at the shards and you say, ‘Well, can we put this back together?

Leno also benefited from the lead-in provided by NBC's popular Must See TV prime time programs of the mid-to-late 1990s.

The second Thursday episode usually aired on Friday of that week.At the time, the then 61-year-old Late Show host spilled the beans at the taping of his CBS program.He famously joked about the blissful day when he got stuck in the mud on their way to get married.What many thought was inevitable has happened, prepared the farewell notes and handkerchiefs (you never know) it was reported her husband will be retiring and putting an end to Late Night.During a taping for his Late Show program Thursday, host David Letterman announced that he will be retiring in 2015, so ending more than three decades in late night entertainment and perhaps the most influential run in talk shows and comedy.

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