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Ramona squabbled with Luann over how serious things were really getting with Tom before the Countess came into the picture in the Berkshires.

And during the latest episode of on Wednesday night, roomies Luann and Sonja seemed to have differing ideas about the true nature of Sonja's relationship with the Countess' then-soon-to-be fiancé. He's about to be 50 years old, never married, no children." Whatever happened between Sonja and Tom, Luann is being cool and just focusing on the present and future. I really can't," she said in April during an interview with Jenny Mc Carthy on her Sirius XM show.

I wish Luann much happiness and love.”This seems such a sweet but heartbreaking story right from a movie, right? As we all know about the reality show “The Real Housewives of New York” starring Luann.

Firstly, Luann actually dated Tom just for six weeks before their marriage and other cast members were surely not happy about the marriage news. Bethenny, who was aware of Tom cheating on Luann requested her Luann not to get married to him.

Luann de Lesseps is an American television personality, model, author, and singer.

She gained a considerable amount of fame after she was cast in the reality television series ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’.

Ex Alex, who has an estimated net worth of million, provided a high-end lifestyle for Luann over the years.

Alex is an investment banker, who also had a great fortune from his ascendancy from the renowned architect Ferdinand de Lesseps, who was the developer of the Suez Canal.

She took dating as her way to run away from her pain. So, Luann, don’t worry, you will find a perfect man for you someday.

Did I talk about “the fight” between Luann and Tom? The argument took such a turn that Luann even SLAPPED her husband IN PUBLIC.

That’s right and I think that’s what he deserved after cheating on his wife and going after his exes. She “just touched or tapped him for wanting his attention”.

Well the way the two of them talked about the divorce, it seemed like they were still “Deeply in Love”.

Both of them wished each other happy life after and revealed that they don’t have any regrets from their marriage.

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