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Miss Kelly looked every bit the film star in her ivory gown made of silk taffeta and lace.The couple did not look at each other during the ceremony, but sat, stood and knelt facing the high altar as instructed by Monsignor Marella, the Papal Legate from Paris.Although there were initial reports Princess Grace was out of danger, suffering This is a map image of the Princess Grace crash car site from above showing the road itself.

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Prince Rainier III of Monaco has married the American film actress Grace Kelly.It was shortly after 10 am Monday morning of September 13 when the car Princess Grace was driving missed a curve and catapulted down a cliff.It is a road that Princess Grace often travelled yet not often drove herself, but that morning she dismissed her chauffeur as there were dresses and boxes in the back seat.These car crash pictures make one wonder how anyone could have survived this horrific accident.In all the confusion, initial rumors spread that Princess Stephanie was at the wheel despite numerous eyewitness accounts that did not see her driving.

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