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This site is a completely confidential, secure community for single men and women over 70 that is very simple to use.

Clearly, allowing such a thing to happen is no way to pay back a family for years of dedicated service to Virunga National Park.

Emmanuel de Merode, Director of Virunga National Park, began the work of identifying all the widows of fallen rangers in 2007.

Our aim is to make finding senior dating partners as easy as possible.

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Phase 2 The goal of Phase 2 is to grow a permanent endowment for families of fallen rangers. As it grows, the fund will be able to cover the base subsistence cost of a family, as well as provide an educational allowance for children and basic family medical coverage. This ensures that political turmoil and conflict will not be able to endanger the fund.It's a great platform for over 60 dating, over 70 dating and even over 80 dating where older singles can find love, friendship, understanding, hope and advice within their own age group.Being over 70 means that you might be spending whole days alone, waiting for your kids and friends visit you.The fund exists outside the Democratic Republic of Congo and is managed by Virunga Fund in the U. If you have specific questions, please send an email to [email protected]“All of the women worry about their husbands when they are in the field.

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