Wild turkey predating farm crops

There are many turkeys being released every year and in some regions of the country there may not be enough natural resources left to sustain large numbers.

A well-planned food plot can help keep the birds in your area and with a better food source help to produce a trophy bird well worth the effort.

Studies show that there are between 1.8 and 3.4 million wild pigs in Texas, about half the total population in the entire U. While the swine already cause over million in damage to the state’s agricultural industry every year, they are now becoming an urban blight as well.

While turkeys may grab all the headlines this time of year, wild pigs are devouring just about everything else.

From Virginia to Texas, wild pigs — also referred to as feral hogs or boars — are growing in population and impacting ecosystem health.

“They’ve come to downtown Dallas using the flood plains, using the levees,” Kevin Acosta, a city employee, told The Guardian.

“We’ve already had damage in parks, trails, city building locations near our landfill.

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