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This doesn’t happen at the end of each episode of “13 Reasons Why.” We are only told to begin the next episode, and continue learning about Hannah’s traumatic experiences.

When I was in high school, during the steady popularity of Tumblr, I noticed a growing trend among my peers: depression and self-harm.

People would repost images onto their Tumblr pages of teenagers, usually girls, with scars on their wrists from cutting as well as bruises or burns. Now, in addition to those memories, I can’t seem to get the images of “13 Reasons Why” — Netflix’s newest success — out of my mind.

“We did want it to be painful to watch because we wanted it to be very clear that there is nothing, in any way, worthwhile about suicide,” said Brian Yorkey, screenwriter and creator, in a 30-minute Netflix special called “13 Reasons Why: Beyond the Reasons.” However, Yorkey can’t explain this meaning to every teenage girl struggling with depression; it seems quite dangerous that they couldn’t do as little as put up a screen showing information at the end of each episode, leading viewers to resources.

The same is true with the graphic depictions of rape that are seen in multiple episodes throughout the series.

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