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It also has a top class airport that flies to major cities.

The city has several buildings that are made of stone because it is staying with the medieval themes.

Quanzhou became an opium-smuggling center in the 19th century but the siltation of its harbor long reduced its capacity for trade by larger ships.

Quanzhou, China is a port and a city on the eastern coast of the Fujian province. The city is now a regional market and commercial center for agricultural products.

These “smart machines” can assemble sophisticated ammunition and are five times as productive as a human worker.

In these neighborhoods, mosques were built for people who wished to pray.Police shut down a variety of dating apps in China after it was discovered that the “sexy girls” advertised for customers to chat with were actually artificial intelligence computer programs.The cases involved hundreds of thousands of customers and the fraud amounted to more than 1 billion yuan (US4 million). Other scams involved customers paying to watch videos with sexual content, but they were unable to load and view the films.The Panama-registered Sanchi was carrying 136,000 tonnes of highly flammable ultralight crude oil.Roughly a quarter of China’s ammunition factories have replaced workers with robots or begun to do so – which means the country’s bomb and shell production capacity could treble in less than a decade.

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