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Zach Braff has done it all, well he’s done those three things so he’s no superman.Getting his big break in 2001’s “Scrubs”, he gained a huge following as the sensitive, and funny, leading man.He has gone on to direct critically acclaimed films and was an early bird in the crowd funding scene. Zach Braff was born on April 6 1975 I South Orange New Jersey.Anne Brodzinsky, his mother, is a clinical psychologist while his father, Hal Braff, is a trial attorney and sociology professor.However, before his directorial début he joined the cast of a little known sitcom. He got the lead role in the independent film “”Getting to Know You” and followed that up with a string of minor roles in television in 2000. The show focuses on the point of view of JD, with episode themes unified by his narration.Coupled with his absurdist day dreams and the natural chemistry between the performers the show was an international hit.In mid 2010 he took on the lead role of Cody in Steven Dietz’ “Trust”.The play is about a hot young musician who has just made the cover of Rolling Stone magazine dealing with his fiancé and his sexual fascination with an older woman.

In 2013 he took to kickstarter to secure additional funding for his second feature film.

While primarily a comedy show it was not afraid of tackling hard-hitting issues like death, the apathy that doctors develop and romantic problems.

The final season of the show was something of a soft reboot.

Neil Flynn played The Janitor off script most of the time, with many of his best lines being improvised.

Originally he was to be a figment of JD’s imagination, but he proved so popular that the idea was scrapped.

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